Ramos of Bangladesh! Bangladesh’s center-back Tapu Barman gave him a chance to call him by this name again after scoring a goal against Afghanistan at the Jasim Bin Hamad Stadium in Dohar today.

Spain and Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos, like the goalposts in front of the goal to get up, Tapur had a habit before. That is why Tapu is the ‘Ramos of Bengal’ in the eyes of the fans.

The defender has scored three goals in 32 international matches. Aamir is nothing like that. But as a defender of Bangladesh, it is better to score three goals. Today’s goal will be remembered by Bangladesh football for many days.

Bangladesh team was moving towards the rate after scoring one goal. Tapur emerged as the savior of Bangladesh in the 74th minute. A great goal in turn! One has to be surprised to see such a goal from the foot of a center-back.

Tapu saved the team by scoring a goal when the life of the match was only a few minutes left. The greatness of the goal has increased even more.

After Tapur's goal, the celebration of captain Jamal Bhuiyan was also worth watching.

After Tapur’s goal, the celebration of captain Jamal Bhuiyan was also worth watching.
Photo: BFF

The Bangladesh team got a free-kick. Two center-backs, Tapu and Riyadul Hasan, came up to score. When the Afghan goalkeeper saved in the first half, the ball went to the feet of substitute midfielder Manik Hossain.

When Manik threw a long ball into the box from midfield, the two centrebacks showed their chemistry. When Riyadul headed down into the box, Tapur scored a great shot with his right foot.

After the goal, Tapu was running on the field with a kiss on his face. He wanted to spread his arms and embrace the whole of Bangladesh!

Midfielder Manik provided the ball from the midfield.

Midfielder Manik provided the ball from the midfield.
Photo: BFF

The whole Bangladesh team ran after him. This goal is not only an opportunity to fall behind and return to the match. Bangladesh cannot score a goal in an international match, and it is also a response to that criticism.

Tapur has no equal in handling the defense. He had to clear the ball by heading over the tall footballers of Afghanistan many times. Perfect all tackles, with great coverage.

His foresight is still visible when all the frightening crosses from both ends have floated into the box. There is a beauty in the game of the defenders, which is evident in every tackle and interception of Tapur.

Despite being a defender, Tapur's goal brought relief to the Bangladesh team.

Despite being a defender, Tapur’s goal brought relief to the Bangladesh team.
Photo: BFF

The last goal of the defender, who made his international debut against Sri Lanka in 2014, was against Pakistan.

He brought victory against Pakistan in the SAF football held in Dhaka in 2016. The other of Tapur’s third goal is in clean football, against Bhutan.

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