When the bicycle was invented in 1817, nobody could have imagined the present design and technology of the bicycle. the look of the bicycle has changed within the evolution of your time, has been interesting. Not only the look but also the definition of bicycle has changed. There are thousands of bicycles within the market now. But all the bikes we see now, or how long will they last? Days will change with time, bicycles will change. it should be difficult to predict what a bicycle will appear as if after 100 or 200 years. However, it’s possible to estimate what proportion the bicycle will change soon. How will those bikes?

Audi e-bike
Audi, a well-liked company that produces four-wheelers, has been thinking of e-bikes or electronic bikes for an extended time. Since the name is electronic, the bike will only run-on electricity, it’s not the case. This bike will be ridden using paddles still as electronic engines. Motorcycle gears are used on the rear wheels. This bike may be ridden at a speed of about 60 km / h using an electronic engine. On the opposite hand, it’s possible to run at a speed of 40-42 km / h with a paddle. Audi e-bikes are much lighter than other electronic bikes.
The wheel is formed using carbon fiber. Spokes and hubs are very different from ordinary bicycles. the utilization of aluminum and carbon fiber makes Audi e-bikes stronger than all other bicycles, even some motorcycles!
This smart bicycle may be connected directly with the mobile app. there’s a small display just under the handlebars. With the assistance of the app, Audi e-bike may be run in five different modes. There are more features of this bike suitable for stunts!

One of the most important problems for cyclists is that the rupture of a tube on a bicycle. However, future cyclists don’t must read the matter. there’s no need for air inside the wheel to drive a cyclotron. This wheel fabricated from polymer tires has no spokes, no hubs! this can be the primary bicycle made without spokes and hubs.
An American team worked for 3 years to create the cyclotron. an enormous a part of the wheel without spokes and hubs is empty. there’s also the chance to use that vacant part on this bike. Special baskets and chairs may be given blank parts of wheels. Special baskets and chairs — both cyclotron products.
Chains play a awfully important role in normal cycling. However, there’s no chain round the paddle within the cyclotron. there’s an electronic 16 gear box. Like electronic bikes, cyclotrons may be accustomed connect smartphones. This technology comes in handy with bicycle safety. the foremost interesting aspect of this bike is that the LED lights within the wheels automatically light when cycling at midnight. within the darkness of the night, two wheels are moving forward, sort of a bicycle moving at the speed of light!

Tesla B
Like Audi, Tesla may be a popular company. Tesla makes all the good cars and sometimes surprises the planet. now too he has set the shelf. But not by car, by bicycle. ‘Tesla B’ is their new idea. Audi e-bikes and cyclotron bicycles — both are commercially produced. However, the concept of Tesla B is within the very initiative. Only its design and main features are revealed. This bike is going to be the primary glimpse of the bicycle of the long run. Tesla Bir has already gone through the dazzling design within the internet world.
Tesla B will be utilized in two ways. additionally, to getting used as a standard bicycle, this bike also will run in ‘auto pilot’ mode. the driving force won’t be needed if the bike is moving. it’ll automatically deliver the rider to the destination safely. As seen within the first glimpse of Tesla Bir, special technology is going to be added to the current bike regarding the protection of the cyclist. Like other electronic bikes, it’ll be faster than ordinary bicycles.
It is now clear that the definition of a bicycle will change plenty within the future. Maybe more bikes like Audi e-bikes, cyclotrons and Tesla Birrs will come. A brand-new bike could also come, which we’ve not yet imagined. irrespective of what proportion it changes, there’s an expectation that the bicycle is eco-friendly a minimum of forever, to stay us healthy.


The safety of your favorite bike is also important. Bicycles should not be stolen; he should always be aware of that. Some security alarms are available. The alarms sounded as soon as the uninvited person grabbed the bicycle. You can also use such alarms. In addition, stainless steel chains are available in bicycle shops. You can also keep your bicycle tied with such chains including Mobaz lock. In this case, you must take care to use the chain with which you are holding the bicycle, it should be strong. If necessary, chain cover should be used so as not to stain the frame.

The easiest way to solve a bicycle problem is to follow the sound. If there is a noise from any part of the bicycle while riding the bicycle, it should be assumed that there is a problem in that part. In this case, you must take your favorite bicycle to the nearest mechanic’s store. Experienced mechanics will value the decision without listening to the cyclist friends in or around them. Because he is more experienced in cycling than you are. When placing a bicycle in a place, make sure that your bicycle does not get stuck with other people’s bicycles. Otherwise, there will be a risk of getting scratches on both the bikes. In this case you can attach a separate bicycle stand with the bicycle. So, what are you waiting for? Look at everything and get out safely with your favorite bike. The adventures of nature and the alleys of the city, you and your bicycle will sing ‘Kring Kring’.

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