Both coronaviruses and deaths are on the rise. In the last 15 days, the patient identification rate has reached close to 30 percent compared to the sample tests. Two hundred or more died most of the time during this time. Outside Dhaka, coronavirus was already on the rise. As a large number of people go to the villages during the Eid-ul-Azha holiday, the number of corona patients has started increasing in different districts. Observers fear that it will increase further. The concern in this case is that there is no coronation treatment in the district level hospitals. Lack of bed, ICU, oxygen etc. exists in a manifest form. In this situation, corona patients from different districts are constantly coming to the capital. Under the pressure of patients, there is no place in the hospitals of the capital. There is also a crisis of bed, ICU, oxygen. In the meantime, dengue has started spreading as a new symptom. There is no end to people’s worries and sufferings. Probably the same thing. Dengue is also deadly and several have already died. The number of dengue patients admitted to hospitals is increasing day by day. A maximum of 104 dengue patients have been admitted to the hospital in 24 hours. They are almost all residents of the capital. One thousand 202 dengue patients have been identified in 24 days of this month, 99 percent of whom are from Dhaka. While hospitals in Dhaka are struggling to cope with coronary heart disease, dengue patients are putting extra pressure on them. Aedes mosquito-borne dengue has been prevalent in the country for the last two decades. Mosquito repellent and control is the way to stay free from this disease. However, so far it has not been possible to take effective measures to eradicate mosquitoes or diseases. The Ministry of Local Government is responsible for killing mosquitoes and destroying mosquito breeding grounds, the Ministry of Agriculture approves the import of pesticides and the Ministry of Health is responsible for the treatment. There is a lack of coordination in their work. The two city corporations in Dhaka have not yet taken any effective steps to eradicate mosquitoes without an awareness campaign. According to experts, the treatment of corona and dengue together will be very difficult.

There is some good news about Corona. Health Minister Zahid Malik said the government had agreed to bring in 21 crore vaccines. If all the vaccines are received in time, it will be possible to bring 80 percent of the people under the vaccine. He also said that everyone above the age of 18 will be vaccinated. Meanwhile, in view of the arrival of vaccines from different countries, registration and mass vaccination activities have started. Under the latest Kovacs, two and a half million estrogen vaccines have arrived in the country from Japan. And 200 tons of oxygen has been brought from India. As many vaccines have come so far, there is no vaccine crisis at present. Oxygen reserves have also increased. The expert opinion on the need for vaccines is that since no alternative to coronavirus has been developed so far, it is important to ensure that everyone is vaccinated. The third dose is said to be safer than corona. This will increase the need for vaccines. In that case, vaccine collection needs to be strengthened. If necessary, go to production. Hopefully, China has expressed interest in developing the vaccine in a joint venture and management with Bangladesh. On behalf of China, it has been said that they are waiting for the permission of Bangladesh. The foreign minister said China would produce corona vaccine in Bangladesh. Bangladesh has started work on several issues. Needless to say, the country needs to start producing vaccines, whether collectively or individually in China. This will ensure the availability of vaccines, as well as the need to give the remaining vaccines to other countries. It is worth mentioning here that the Ministry of Health has been playing an active role in coronation and treatment from the very beginning. Responsible persons including ministers, nurses and health workers including doctors have been playing relentless role. They deserve unconditional thanks. Those who work may have some mistakes. The unintentional mistake should be looked at with a forgiving look.

A lot of work in the Ministry of Health. Along with corona treatment, he also has to look at dengue treatment now. There is treatment for other diseases. The rise in coronary infections and mortality is extremely worrying. If Corona cannot control the situation after Eid, catastrophe may occur. Strict lockdown is going on for 14 days. You need to show zero tolerance to make the lockdown work. If human movement is controlled, it will be possible to limit the spread of corona to a limited extent. Extensive testing and appropriate treatment will reduce both infections and deaths. Hospitals need to ensure the necessary equipment, medicines, facilities as well as increase the responsibilities of doctors, nurses and health workers. If necessary, increase their number; Incentives need to be arranged. Above all, vaccine activities need to be strengthened. Complaints about new registrations and vaccinations need to be addressed. Complications need to be removed. Since there is no alternative to vaccine activities, it needs to be done very quickly and transparently.

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