United Airlines wants to launch supersonic passenger aircraft for passenger transport by 2029. For this, they have planned to buy 15 new aircraft at such speed. They want to transport passengers in that time with this aircraft. The Denver-based company Boom will build such an aircraft. The new supersonic aircraft they have built will be named ‘Overture.’ It is also known as Mac 1.6. Earlier, Air France and British Airways operated supersonic aircraft. In this case, they have used Concorde aircraft.

But in 2003, the plane was grounded, and the journey was canceled. Then no more supersonic passenger planes flew in the sky. Then United took such a plan.

Supersonic speeds travel faster than the speed of sound. At this time, it flew at an altitude of 60,000 feet or 18,300 meters. The speed of supersonic aircraft is more than 60 miles per hour. A typical plane, on the other hand, travels 560 miles per hour. However, the speed of Overture is expected to reach 1122 miles per hour or 1605 kilometers. At this speed, it is estimated that it will take half as long to travel from London to New York over the Atlantic. According to Boom, it will be possible to travel three and a half hours with three hours reduced. This will save three hours on this route.

But there are two main problems with supersonic flight. Noise and pollution. Its speed and sound are due to the gurgling sound. The intensity of this sound is so great that it can be heard from the ground. It looks like an explosion or lightning somewhere. That is why the company has been named Boom. The aircraft also has some limitations during travel. You have to keep the speed down until you are on the sea. The general public is likely to be annoyed by the extra noise. Boom said they are confident that the aircraft will be more tolerant during takeoff, travel, and landing than other modern passenger aircraft. Some changes will be made in its design from before. In an interview with the BBC, Boom’s chief commercial officer, Kathy Sabit, said supersonic aircraft would require more power. Fuel will cost more. But he hopes the plane will not emit any carbon.

Cranfield University Civil Aviation and Environment Associate Professor Dr. about how much people will be interested in supersonic aircraft. Guy Grayton said the rich still prefer to travel on private business planes. Concorde gained popularity 50 years ago despite its age. Sabit said Boom’s research has shown that passengers prefer high-speed aircraft. Such an aircraft will deepen the relationship with people, which will also improve business relationships.

Source: BBC

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