If there is a lack of socio-psychology, science-mindedness, awareness, political-consciousness, humanism, and deep intuition, then one cannot become a real writer or artist, nor can one fulfill the responsibility of a responsible cultural worker. The writer-artist has a responsibility towards society. And he is not repaid by transcendentalism, consumerism, transcendence, idealism in the creation of responsibility. Rather they shrink their fighting spirit and turn it into a pet and gradually solidify the life of an obedient servant. Similarly, the general public and the readers also need to gradually become involved in all these and become pioneers in enjoying the pleasures of music, drama, poetry, art, and literature. Just as the artist has to know the poet, the writer has to know the society, the people, the human mind and the social customs of the mind, the reader’s advancement, so the reader has to come forward with a closer look at the conditions of unification of the emancipation of the collective. One can never become a great artist or a great poet by looking at the current society with hatred or inferiority. The artist-poet must remember that he is a man of this society and his work is patronized by society. Because the real consumer of his creation is his society-man. If society does not have the needs of human beings, its creation will soon come to a standstill. Emotions will run out in lack of enthusiasm. A writer without a vision of true social mentality is the paradise of the artist, society does not serve man, nor does it inspire him. He does not devote himself to transforming his pain into energy. The fog created by the vague feeling actually confuses the people and nurtures the class by which the people are constantly being oppressed. However, the capitalist regime seeks to separate man from a man in social relations and from the coexistence of man in society and give birth to the feeling that will make him unfamiliar in society.
If the artist’s art, the poet’s poetry, the biography of the writer does not master this language and is obsessed with arrogance, then his creation, no matter how aesthetic it may be, is basically only spreading the heart of non-creation and provoking the power that blinds and fascinates him. Converted into slaves. When a statesman thinks of himself as infallible and wants to follow the rules and regulations of the people to follow them blindly, uses the resources of the people arbitrarily to maintain his vision of development, imposes liability on him, When the tendency of looting, looting and usurpation intensifies with the concentration of personal interests in the concentration of the people, there is a distortion in the culture. Values ​​are lost from social life. Theologians also enter the arena of culture with various prostitutes and by distorting the essence of the religion and using it as a tool for their own self-interest, by adding causation or unreasonableness, they become millionaires pretending to be religious gurus. As a result, the need for the practice of art, literature, and culture began to wane, the culture faced intense aggression, gradually leading the nation to the path of evil. Therefore, the artist needs to be most aware and immersed in his practice and creation. Remember that the tool of the artist, poet, and writer is only his creation. Mere joy cannot soothe the entanglement of life. Rather, the nature of truth has to be realized through social observation. The realization of this fact has to be done through one’s own involvement because he is not an outsider.03.
The breakdown has intensified in our society. His symptoms are spreading all around. Religion has abandoned its eternal course of action and has become obsessed with the afterlife and defeat. If the so-called sages are doing talk shows, adjusting what they are saying and what they are not saying, then Nikti will lean towards originality. In what poets, writers, and artists are drawing, writing, and narrating, it becomes clear that their greed is staring at the writing. The main reason for this is social isolation, this isolation is the creation of the state system and the struggle is there. Therefore, the human struggle must be formulated through the creation and a clear light must shine in the mind through its writing-drawing, melody-voice, acting. By synthesizing the subject of folklore and making suitable data of new life, their life struggle should be involved through creation. So today, falling into the omnipotent capitalist state system, people are moving away from their education, perception of beauty, feeling of a new arrangement of life, etc. Writers and artists also understand that today he is a ruthless victim. Ironically, they, too, continue to create poetry, the art, the way of life, the old, the feudal, the non-modern, the backward, the incomprehensible, the new, the new, the new.
In the era of New Clear Automation, people’s expectations have changed. Naturally, tastes have changed, new discoveries in physics, unprecedented advances in technology, artists and writers have to be removed from the strongholds and scientists have to be given new seats in the public mind. Changes are taking place in relationships, customs, beliefs, and habits. A new form of this is emerging in mass behavior which is also reflected in social life. As a result, there has been a difference in the level of enjoyment, many cultural activities have disappeared and people are making the media better. In reality, without proper political decisions, planning, and mature leadership, progress in society is not possible. The various adversities, the tricks of the glamorous capitalist deception on him, trap them in the path and entangle them in the illusion of their own existence, entangled in the illusion of their existence, and they float unconsciously; Which is called delusion. Writers and artists create that politician by recognizing the currents of the original culture for the awakening of the sleeping masses. Awareness and acquaint the people with the real picture of the society through character portrayal or construction of art body. Modernity as a whole, living from the state, science, philosophy, and construction, conscious political action can lead him towards purity. Through cultural purity, logical justice develops in people, and morality is gradually refined. Only then can development become sustainable and welfare-oriented. A person can never change his time alone. The overall consciousness of man shows the way to transform the individual into a basti; Which writers create through their creations. And then it became the overall force.
Being famous and writing well are two different things. The writing that deals with the long-term values ​​of the underworld man, [may also be symbolic] and foreshadows a new journey in avoiding decaying attitudes is enduring, but the ongoing tramadol, the drunkenness in the chariot that is not the forerunner of consciousness, is a truss. The truth is that while some people can confuse many people for a while, they cannot destroy the last of the masses.

Once upon a time, even the idealists, when they were transformed into ultra-idealists, no longer had ideas within them. Recklessness erupts through denial of everything. The good ones are also the target of the attack and give birth to chaotic psychosis, narrowing down the truth. This narrowness becomes irresistible and the divinity is obtained. [Although there is a group of chatterboxes active behind it, and people get involved in it temporarily due to unconsciousness] But there comes a time when it is the verdict of history, in that judgment all the narrow-mindedness Rolling. Even the revolutionaries who fell victim to this narrowness, who once trembled at the promise of liberating people, became a memory. Then Russia becomes Soviet, Stalin’s head is gone, ropes are pulled, Honoka is gone, Cheshesku is shot, Palpatra is on the run or in quarantine, Mao Zedong, the warlord in Chinese capitalist practice, is dead, and in their absence, all construction is falling apart Do not come forward to defend. But those people were the ones who risked their lives one day. Writers today are also his victims, oppressed self-sold, self-imprisoned. There are also murders. Yet the ongoing talk about modernity is in the interests of the upper class. They say that modernity is over, although still, backwardness is holding back social life. Yet our society has not completed its journey to the bright point of modernity, in which various doctrines, arguments, etc., want to make the baby bird’s hanging nest in the empty swing. These logicians have forgotten that the infrastructure required for the excellence of modernity and the strong culture that is required to build that sustainable infrastructure. The real liberation of man lies in connecting with everyone. No writer-poet has the right to confuse people, be it transcendentalism or parasitism, but it is his responsibility to bring out his reality and make him aware of this slavery by considering his position in conjunction with the people of the writer-artist as a whole. In fact, art is a reflection of the philosophy of human welfare, and consciousness is also the creator of reality. Cultural activists, writers, artists, poets, painters, musicians, and singers need to illuminate the way to return to the new with a proper evaluation of Tuku. And once the oppressed class wakes up, the lion, or the musician, is a lifeless passenger.

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