There are several educational channels on YouTube. Where various subjects including textbook subjects are taught through videos, for fun. Let’s find out about 5 local and foreign YouTube channels that can be useful for students.

Crash course

History, politics, cinema, science, programming or economics — what do you want to know? A basic idea about everything can be found in the channel called Crash Course. The difficult issues are presented so easily through funny animations, stories, and presentations, if you watch a video, you will want to see the rest. What is the number of crash course subscribers? If you look at the number, how popular they are, it can be estimated that it is more than 61 crore 26 lakhs!


The complexities of physics are simply presented in this channel through two-dimensional graphics. Henry Rich started this channel in 2011. So far, more than 53 lakh subscribers have been added to Minute Physics. Rich believes, ‘If you can’t explain something easily, you don’t understand it yourself.’ So you can easily see the familiar complex equations on the Minute Physics channel.

White off

What if the earth ran out of oxygen? If the earth had two moons, then? As soon as the rotation of the earth stops – or what? The answer to all such strange questions will be found in the channel called What If. In a short time, the number of subscribers of the channel has crossed 54 lakh. Logical answers to all the strange unknown questions can be found here. This channel comes up with new videos every week with improved graphics and scientific questions and answers.

Chamak Hasan

If the battle of numbers is the ‘fight of numbers’ and the geometry of Pythagoras is the song of DJ Pythagoras, then where is the fear in learning mathematics? The complex issues of mathematics became interesting in the presentation of Chamak Hasan. He is currently working as a Research and Development Engineer at Boston Scientific. This former student of Bangladesh University of Engineering sometimes explains mathematics with songs, sometimes with humor, sometimes with stories. You can enter the fun world of mathematics with his web series ‘Colors of Mathematics’

It’s OK to be smart

You can watch this channel to know various things that happen all over the world. Joe Hanson started the channel in 2012 while sitting in a classroom at the University of Chicago in the United States. Later, some of his friends started making videos on this channel. Answers to many bizarre questions can be found here, most of which are about technology.

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