Various internal information related to 12th Gen, pricing, specs have been leaked for a long time. From these it is understood that the launch of 12th gen is not far away. According to the latest information of WCCFtech, Intel 12th gen Desktop Processors and Z690 motherboard are going to be launched in November.


Launched in mid-November

Wccftech’s own source has confirmed that the Intel 12th Gen and Z690 motherboards will be launched on November 19. However, no information has been found about whether the entire lineup will be launched on the same day or whether the higher variants will be launched. It is also not certain whether the Z690 will launch on the same day as the low budget motherboards.


Wccftech claims that the 12th gen will not be launched at the Intel Innovation event in October. Rather it will be in November.

Full Intel lineup leaked

At the same time, we also learned about Intel’s full 12th gen lineup 1 day ago. The 65W Non-K model is accompanied by the 125W K model. There are 12400, 12400f and i3 12100. Notably, there are no 12500,12100f models.

The price has been leaked


Through the leak we have already got an idea about the price of 12th gen as well. Of course, there is no reason to believe these leaks and rumors before the official announcement, but the idea can be found in them. According to this European price chart, the price of 12900k will be between 540-606 Euros excluding VAT. That price including VAT will go up to 638 Euros.


The same chart mentions the pricing of 12700k and 12600k. The price of 12700k is listed in that list with 506 Euro VAT. On the other hand, the price of 12600k is 48 Euros including VAT.

Hybrid Architecture:

A rough idea of ​​the specs and architecture of Intel’s 12th gen has already been found. We already know that this time the lineup is a bit different from other times. Just as there are differences in the number of core threads, there are also differences in the architecture of those cores. We will see hybridization of two types of 10nm based architecture.

This time Intel has been seen to divide the processor cores into two parts. Relatively Powerful or more Clock speed cores are called performance cores / big cores. These cores are made in Golden Cove Architecture. On the other hand, the cores of relatively less powerful / Power efficient / low clock speed are called small cores / power efficiency cores which are made in Gracement Architecture.


This year’s Z690 platform is also offering some interesting features including Enhanced overclocking capabilities, DDR5, PCIe 5. As far as is known, the Z690 will have DDR5 support, but lower budget motherboards may have DDR4.

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