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World-renowned food manufacturer Nestle is changing the nutrition and health strategies of its products. The company has taken this initiative to further improve the quality of food.

Nestle will evaluate their food and drink based on external nutrition profile systems such as Health Star rating and Nutri-score. This will allow customers to know more information which will help them to like the product better.

The UK’s Financial Times reported on Monday that 60 per cent of Nestlলের’s internal food was considered unhealthy.

This document of the presentation has been promoted among the top executives this year. It says that no matter how much Nestl পণ’s products change, some products can never be completely healthy.

However, in this analysis, pet food, coffee and newborn food have been excluded. More than half of Nestl’s total profits come from these.

Recently, there has been increasing pressure from both consumers and the government on multinational corporations such as Nestle, PepsiCo and McDonald’s to improve product quality. Awareness campaigns are being run around the world, especially in the face of rising rates of obesity and diabetes. Food companies are also responding to this call.

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